Rosie D

I’m a professional actress and voice over artist with a sultry, rich voice. I have strong vocal adaptability, ideal for … Leggi tutto >

Elodie W.

I am 25 years old and I’m from Dallas, but I have been living in Italy for 6 years. I … Leggi tutto >

Dylan P.

I am 34 years old and I live in Italy, but I grow up in Dallas. I will narrate and … Leggi tutto >

Paula P.

Paula Pereyra is an experienced voice over and dubbing actress. She has narrated about 20 audio books, all currently non-fiction, … Leggi tutto >

Melina G.

Melina is a young voice over artist whose career in the world of audio books has just begun. She has … Leggi tutto >

Jesus C.

Jesus is a voice over owner of a deep but young voice. He specializes in the narration of non-fiction audiobooks. … Leggi tutto >

Alex G.

Alex Gardunio is a voice over and radio producer who has recently started to narrate audio books. He has a … Leggi tutto >

Noemi G.

Noemí González is a theatre actress and audio book narrator. She has a great capacity for interpreting texts. Spanish Fiction … Leggi tutto >

Cesar M.

César Martínez is an actor and voice over artist with more than 30 years of experience. He works on fiction … Leggi tutto >

Gary C

I offer PICTURES FOR YOUR EARS:   Serious and low-key reading style: informative and authoritative; or … airy and bouncy.Ability to … Leggi tutto >

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